Popular Sack of Genuine Irish Peat:

A large sack of genuine Irish Peat. Imported directly from Ireland, This is true turf, not altered and dried by machines like the peat briquettes. The best turf you ever smelled stateside. The difference: Ours Burns for hours longer and will fill the air with that old familiar smell that is 10 times stronger than our competitors. Approx 20 lbs in a single sack.

$39.98 USD per sack + 19.99 Shipping

Larger Double Sacks of Genuine Irish Peat:

More peat for your buck, Two larger sacks of the same genuine Irish Peat (described above), total weighing approximately 55 lbs. Every sack is packed and cultivated by hand to make sure you get peat that burns as well as turf right from the bog. The best turf you ever smelled stateside.

$99.00 for 50 lbs of Irish Peat with reduced flat-fee shipping of $29.99

IrishPeat.com now ships all orders via Ground. Peat weighs quite a bit and shipping is determined by weight. All orders received by 6:00 PM EST will be processed and shipped the following business day, depending on demand and availability. At times we experience spikes in demand which delays this timetable.
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