What exactly is Irish Peat?
Irish Peat is an all natural fuel produced from Irish boglands. We distribute raw form peat and NOT compressed bricks or briquettes which offer about 1/10 the smoke and aroma that our organic peat boasts. What's in Irish Peat? The solids are composed of the partly decayed remains of a variety of marsh/swamp plants and trees such as sphagnum mosses, birch woods, waterlilies, grasses and reeds. Add the seasoning of bog lands and you have a truly unique natural product.

What type of peat does IrishPeat.com sell?
Our product is simply the best peat available from Ireland,. Again, We distribute raw form peat and NOT compressed bricks or briquettes which offer about 1/10 the smoke and aroma that our organic peat boasts.

You Might Wonder: Hey, What the heck is your problem with Peat Briquettes anyway?
Some 17 years back, we were the first company to import Irish Peat in briquettes from Bord Na Mona. These Hard peat briquettes are the unnatural result of turf being harvested and compressed and drained by inustrial machine, a counter productive process which removes approximately 90% of the water and air and some KEY elements to peat's unique natural chemical balance. This process creates a dried, condensed brick of peat that is similar to hardened clay. The ultimate result? A product that is high in price but short on ingredients and turf's traditional aroma. And aroma through the smoke of Irish turf is truly what folks crave and deserve. Everything evolves over time. Our product is no exception.

Will my Peat come in nice and tidy bricks?
Yes and no. Many full bricks will weather the trip from Ireland to your door, but some will comvert to half bricks, quarters and even smaller pieces. In the end, it's all the same quality peat that you will burn and enjoy. If you want dried peat bricks delivered in a fancy custom box, you don't want our turf. We put our quality into the product, not on it.

I've bought peat in Ireland for less than a few quid a bale - why does IrishPeat.com's peat cost so much more?
Sure, Peat briquettes are cheap in Ireland, but we are selling a natural belnd which boasts more weight. And for example, if you're in California, you're 6,000+ miles away from grabbing cheap, inferior peat at the corner store. Plus we sell quality turf, not quantity. True peat is heavy. Trying to get 30 tons of it across the Atlantic Ocean is not an inexpensive endeavor. This is also why shipping prices to our customers in the United States seem high.

Privacy at IrishPeat.com:
IrishPeat.com is sensitive to protecting the private information that our customers and visitors provide to us. We also want you to have the opportunity to obtain interesting and useful information, products and services through IrishPeat.com. The loyalty of our customers is very important to us and we hope this policy will underscore out commitment to making sure your experience with us is a good one. Click here to view our privacy policy.

How long does IrishPeat Burn?
Irish peat will burn for several hours depending on how hot your fire is and how much peat is used. Peat burns hotter than wood, so there is no need to overfeed the fire. Most folks begin a pure peat fire with 3 bricks and add from there. It is not uncommon to put a few pieces of peat on the fire at the end of the evening and find them still red hot in the morning, ready to host a new brick or two.

Does a peat fire crackle or spark?
No. That is the beauty of peat. You can enjoy a fire with your fireplace screen pulled to the side or fireplace doors wide open. There is no fear of your fire sparking or spitting hot embers.

Do I need a fireplace to burn IrishPeat?
This may seem like a silly question, but the answer is actually no. Many folks burn their peat outdoors, especially in the fall and winter months. The Irish burn peat in their fireplaces on the bare cement or bricks without a grate. The same techniques can be used outdoors in the states. In short, peat can be burned anywhere there is sufficient ventilation.

How much peat should I order?
Quantity depends on need, budget and frequency of use. Personally, the folks here at IrishPeat.com burn 2-3 bales per week during the fall and winter months, while other users report burning as much as 5-6 bales per week in the winter months there. Some folks order a single bale at a time for use at holiday gatherings or as a gift, and some people request up to 25 bales or more per order.

How do I burn the peat?
Peat is easily ignited in ways similar to that of a normal wood fire. A small amount of kindling (such as wood chips or newspaper) will do the trick. Small fire starter logs also work extremely well.

Can I burn peat and wood together?
Absolutely. Peat is a perfect compliment to any wood fire. Peat can be burned independently or added to any wood fire as desired.


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